Clean And Unclog Your Toilet Easily At Home

Cleaning  ToiletClogged toilet is a universal problem. You will never know when it will strike. Plungers can usually take care of the problem but sometimes specialized equipments are required. The most important things to follow are:

  1. Do not keep flushing.
  2. Do not use items such as coat hangers and rods.
  3. Do not use force.

Keep your head cool and try to gauge the situation first. If you feel you cannot tackle the problem alone then it is better to call a plumber than ruin the toilet.

Regular cleaning of the toilet is mandatory to keep away germs and stains. Using paper towels, rubber gloves and mild cleaners you can easily keep your toilet squeaky clean and increase its longevity. Do not use very hard brushes. Toilets should be cleaned once in every 14 days to avoid permanent staining. Following these steps, you can easily keep your toilet clean and unclogged.

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