How To Choose A Fan

Modern KitchenChoosing a fan seems to be a simple task. It’s a circular thing with blades that when turned on creates a flow of air inside the room. It comes in many sizes and variations. But considering the advancements in technology, choosing a fan is not that simple anymore. You can choose from fans with Whisper Quiet technology, fans that multiply the air flow and even remote operated fans.

But the Dyson fans seem to steal the show with effortless ease. Especially models like the AM03 that flaunt the patented bladeless technology. Boasting of having no blades, this pedestal fan looks like a piece of decoration until turned on. Once in operation, this simple looking device can suck in surrounding air and multiply it 18 times!

Since there are no blades, it has no choppy airflow, instead a steady and cool breeze that can cover even the largest of rooms. With a full 360° oscillation, next time you go for a fan, definitely keep this variant in mind.

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